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8ika - cash machine


www.8ika.ru8ika is intended for registration of cash operations, cash flows and control of these operations. 8ika can be used by entrepreneurs and organizations in the sphere of trade and services.
The program works in conjunction with POS - printer. The possibility of printing cash receipts. (I recommend POS printers HyperMan-x330, the printer HM-P300 had problems, I bought them on
The possibility of reading the bar code of goods from the camera of the smartphone, tablet
There is functionality to communicate with 1C and other programs.
The program provides data storage.
Bit introduced unlimited amounts.
The compact smartphone, 8ika is convenient to use for outbound trade and online stores, for delivery of goods by couriers.
8ika records held at its amount, count the cost of the goods, taking into account the discount / charge, the total cost of purchases and the value date, records the date and time of sale or service.
It generates a variety of reports for analysis (including graphically): Rating of goods sold, revenue for each cashier in the past month, the cash flow of days / hours, the number of purchases at regular intervals (the item to be finalized).
For the rapid development of cashiers ICA, the program provides for the implementation of the principles of work and the appearance of the cash register - Cash register "Элвис микро К."